Can I Use Facebook For Wedding Invites?

With so many users out there logged into Facebook 24 hours a day on their phones, it is perfectly normal to expect that brides may entertain the idea of replacing their traditional paper wedding invitations with a Facebook event. However, before you jump to the bold conclusion that this is an acceptable practice you should take a hard look at your guest list to determine if the idea is practical.

Look, I get it. You’re trying to save money for other things. If you wanted to have sparklers at your wedding, you would probably scour the internet to find the cheapest sparklers possible; so why not try to eliminate things like wedding invitations from your shopping list? The problem is that grandma or even an older aunt may not be on Facebook, which is something you may overlook in your digital life. While many people in the older generations are starting to come around to the idea that Facebook is simple and fun, many people simply don’t use it. That’s why I urge you to look at your guest list and make sure that nobody is going to be left out of the loop in the event that you go with a Facebook event to invite people to your wedding.

Also, sending wedding invitations in the mail has become a tradition for many people. In fact, many parents and relatives enjoy keeping the invites for their scrapbook to view at a later time. Also, it’s is much easier to remember when a wedding is if it is staring you right in the face every time you go to get a glass of milk from your refrigerator. Though it seems like having it on your Facebook calendar would be easier to remember, many people keep track of so many things on their account that something like a wedding date may be overlooked until the last minute or forgotten completely. Sometimes paper copies of reminders placed in an obvious location is the best way to remember things.

Regardless if you choose to have paper wedding invitations, use Facebook for your wedding invites, or even another third party online service, you need to make sure you’re getting the date out to everyone on your guest list. The last thing you want to happen is to show up for your big day and realize that your grandma didn’t show up because she never got the memo. But if you’re having a small wedding or know that everyone is checked into Facebook, you can certainly get away with using it for your invitations rather than spending the time and money on paper ones.


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