Tips for Using Wedding Sparklers

SparklersRecently, there has been much attention generated by wedding sparklers because of their relatively low price and the huge impact they can have on a budget wedding reception. Sparklers are a low cost way to make your wedding reception more memorable, and they are quickly emerging as a new tradition for the modern bride. However, very few couples put much thought into the risks and dangers that having sparklers at your wedding can pose, especially if you are planning to use them indoors. Below, we have outlined a few safety tips that should keep you and your guests safe while being able to enjoy everything that sparklers can bring to your event.

Assign Responsibility

Because you and your partner will undoubtedly be busy on your special day, it’s very important to put someone responsible in charge of the safe use of your wedding sparklers. Their job should include keeping the sparklers safe, educating the guests about safety, and coordinating when the sparklers will be used. All companies offering sparklers for sale should provide you with basic safety instructions, so you shouldn’t have any problems relaying this information to your guests.

Safely Lighting Sparklers

One of the most dangerous parts of using sparklers is the lighting process. There are several ways someone can get burned or injured during the process, so it’s a good idea to have a safe method in place. Most commonly, people choose to use a barbecue grill lighter because they are easy to operate. Other common methods are having a large candle that everyone lights their sparkler from or using one lit sparkler to ignite the rest. However you light your sparklers, make sure you have a responsible person supervising to keep things safe.

Disposing of Used Sparklers

Once you have finished using your sparklers, you will want to get rid of them in a safe manner. The wire can remain hot for several minutes after the sparkler appears to be out, and any unused powder can reignite if not properly extinguished. The proper method to ensure you don’t have any fire risks is to setup a bucket of water where your guests can discard of their used sparkler wires. If a bucket of water isn’t practical, you can optionally use a bucket of sand or even a fire pit. Regardless of where you choose to dispose of your used sparklers, you need to make sure it is in a location that doesn’t pose a fire risk and will ensure that the sparklers are completely out.


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