Personalized Cupcake Boxes (Set of 12)

Cupcake BoxesWhat could be sweeter than a cupcake personalized just for your guests? Your guests enjoying their personalized cupcakes as you and your spouse share your first kiss after your unforgettable ceremony. This lovely set of 12 personalized cupcake boxes is the perfect way to give each of your guests a wedding favor that is personalized just for them. Your guest will really appreciate the special thought and effort that went into this thank you gift and it is sure to make your wedding even more memorable.

Furthermore, because you supply your own choice of cupcakes, you can even take this customizable wedding favor one step further by offering a variety of different cupcakes depending on gender, age, or just the personal preferences of the individual. You can even select specific label colors, text, and graphics for certain people. Best of all, you can use the cupcake in place of a wedding cake which can save you some extra money by combining the two parts of your reception.


  • Item Color: Transparent
  • Materials: Clear Plastic (box)
  • Details: Clear plastic cube with white band and circle for name customization. Circle comes customized in your choice of color, clipart, and text.
  • Dimensions: 3 inch cube
  • Units Per Package: 12
  • Assembly Required: Yes (add your own cupcakes)

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