Favors for Sendoff Lines

Favors for Sendoff LinesSendoff lines are a very popular way to exit your wedding reception and head off to your honeymoon in style. Sometimes called a “grand exit” or “farewell line”, most guests really enjoy the fun and excitement of lining up along the aisle as you make your hasty getaway. Traditionally, rice and birdseed are the most common types of items used to make the sendoff line more interesting, but companies have been adding new ideas and items into the marketplace over the years to give couples a little more variety when it comes to their favors for sendoff lines and other interactive parts of the celebration. I have comprised a list of my favorites to help you think outside the box and make your sendoff line as memorable as possible.


Ribbons are a fun way to add some movement to the sidelines of your sendoff and they really show up great in pictures. You can buy multi-colored ribbons specifically designed for sendoff lines that are basically a long stick to hold onto and a long ribbon hanging off the end. As your guests and their children waive their ribbons and you make your dash down the line, the busy movement and variety of colors will create some amazing effects for your wedding photographer to capture.


Sparklers are another item that can be captured on film quite easily, and they are also a favorite among wedding guests. Many couples choose sendoff line sparklers over traditional items like rice and birdseed because they more fun, more memorable, and nearly as inexpensive. You can buy sparklers for your sendoff line for literally pennies each, so you can get plenty of them for a very limited amount of money. They also double as wedding favors, so you can save some money instead of having to buy favors for your sendoff line and reception tables.

Confetti and Party Poppers

Another common and remarkably fun item is party poppers or just loose confetti. Everybody loves making a mess, so shooting streamers from the poppers or throwing handfuls of loose confetti in the air truly appeals to children people of any age. The major benefits to using confetti or party poppers as favors for sendoff lines is that the colors, shapes, and sizes are virtually limitless. However, they make a tremendous mess that can be very difficult to clean up so you need to check with your venue to make sure they can be used. Some venues don’t allow confetti or may require an additional cleanup fee if you plan to make that type of mess.


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