Glitter Twigs Centerpieces

Glitter TwigsWinter wedding can be really difficult to find good looking wedding decorations for without seeing depressing or redundant, especially the centerpieces! These glitter twigs will add the charm, elegance, and overall feel of a winter wedding without feeling too bland or cold.

These lovely sparkling branches are the perfect way to add a touch of glittering fun to your reception table centerpieces! Available with your choice of either white or silver glitter, these glitter twigs are a perfect accent to your centerpieces. At around 24 inches long and sold in packs of 4, each of these sparkly twigs is made from real Birchwood and will catch the eye of your guests. These are especially nice for winter weddings by bringing the icy beauty from outside into your nice warm reception hall.


  • Color Choices: White or Silver
  • Item Materials: Natural Birchwood Twigs with Glitter
  • Item Details: Each bundle includes 4 twigs in either white or silver glitter colors.
  • Dimensions:  22 to 24 inches long

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