Heart Shaped Wedding Favors

Heart Shaped Measuring SpoonsThere are few things I can think of that embody the romance and love of a wedding ceremony like hearts. Hearts immediately make you think of passionate embraces, long walks on the beach, and hugs and kisses; which is why they turn up quite frequently in wedding favor designs. Because I believe that there is no such thing as too many hearts at your wedding, I have collected a list of my three favorite heart shaped wedding favors that I’ve stumbled upon in my journeys. While there are dozens (or hundreds) of other options out there, these are the ones that have stuck in mind the most.

Heart Shaped Measuring Spoons

If you’ve been following my posts, you already know how much I love wedding favors that will be used on a regular basis instead of a random novelty that will only be used once. Nearly everyone uses measuring spoons on a regular basis in their kitchen, so these heart shaped measuring spoons will be a memorable and useful item for years to come. Also, they are made from high quality polished steel so they are sure to become a valued addition to your guest’s cooking utensil collection.

Heart Sparklers

We have all seen the photos of people lighting sparklers and the newly married couple running between them to their “getaway” car, but less known are the sparklers that are shaped like hearts. People really love sparklers and things shaped like hearts, so this great combination makes them one of the best types of sparklers available for a wedding reception. Though they are used up quickly and serve no purpose after the wedding is over, they are so cool I really couldn’t help myself.

Heart Shaped Ice Cream Scoop

Much like the measuring spoons, an ice cream scoop is one of those items that are used all the time and thus will become a highly valued addition to their kitchen. Plus, what could be cooler than having your scoops of ice cream come out like hearts in your bowl? Made from stainless steel, heart shaped ice cream scoops are built to last and are also perfect for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and even young girls’ birthday parties.


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