Simple Table Decorations

Simple Table DecorationsDecorating your reception tables is a great way to make the entire room give off the vibe and portray the theme you want your guests to enjoy. However, while it may seem as simple as putting on some tablecloths and adding a few items straight out of the box, making your reception tables look both beautiful and elegant can be more challenging than you might expect. Fortunately, there are tons of simple table decorations that can take your reception tables from drab to fab without very much effort or money.

Below, I have made a list of some of my favorite table decorations to help give you ideas. Remember, table decorations go way beyond just putting centerpieces on your table and calling it good, you need to put some thought into the process and have the various decorations combine to make something unique and memorable for you and your guests to be completely immersed into the event.

Gem Scatters

Many people are familiar with dragon tears, and gem scatters are pretty much the same concept. There are several different shapes available including the classic round bead shapes, pearls, diamonds, jewels, and even sphere shapes in a whole plethora of colors to accent any design. Gem scatters work best when they are placed directly on the tablecloth around the base of the centerpieces, but they also look great in the centerpiece’s vase itself. This can also add some weight to the tablecloth or centerpieces, which can be vital if your reception is outdoors and wind is a possible factor.

Rose Petals

Rose petals are another one of those items that immediately make you think of romance, so why not sprinkle a few on your tables? Rose petals are available in both organic and synthetic varieties, plus they have the huge advantage of being available in virtually any color you can imagine. You can even fin your rose petals in two-tone color schemes such as yellow with a red accent or whatever other variation you like. You can use these in the same way you use gem scatters as an accent to the base of your centerpieces, but they look the best when you use a combination of the two table decorations.

Tea Light Holders

Tea lights are a great way to add ambiance to your wedding reception by placing some small votive candles in each to create some elegant mood lighting. However, many of the traditional tea light holders you see will be metallic or very style neutral, which can be a drag on your other color palettes that are spread throughout your reception space. Fortunately, you can get gall tea light holders that are made from glass in virtually any color you can think of including pink, red, purple, green, blue, and pretty much any other color your color scheme calls for. Tea light holders can work great as a standalone centerpiece, but they also look great when you alternate between your fancy centerpieces and the elegant teat light holders. This technique also breaks up any monotony that your other table decorations may be creating, and choosing a bold color for your tea light holders can create a dramatic effect as your votive candles are flickering.


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