“The Perfect Blend” Burlap Bags (Set of 12)

Burlap BagsGiving your guests a gift that they are very passionate about is a great way to make sure they will appreciate the thought you put into the gift. If you had the luxury of selecting a specific item for each guest, choosing something like a hobby or collectible for each person would be the most thoughtful of all. However, unless you are having a very small wedding, buying wedding favors that are individualized to the level is probably not an option. Fortunately, you can use the “shotgun” approach (pun intended) and choose an item that many people are passionate about. One of my favorite items for this purpose is coffee because very few people don’t appreciate a great cup of coffee and you can get it in a wedding favor format for a very reasonable price.

This lovely set of burlap pouches are easy to fill with a delicious blend of finely roasted coffee beans that will satisfy even the pickiest aficionado. Each package contains 12 burlap bags with the words “the perfect blend” stenciled on the outside to give it a rustic look that blends into any wedding décor. This dual meaning phrase indicates how perfect you are as a couple, but also what lies just beyond the burlap covering of the pouch itself. Instead of coffee, you can also fill these bags with jelly beans, fresh herbs and spices, or any other item you wish to give your guests. These fun and useful bags will leave a lasting impression on all of your guests, and the treats inside will delight them again at a time of their choosing.


  • Color: Brown
  • Material: Burlap Bag
  • Details: Small burlap bags with a drawstring and the words “The Perfect Blend” stenciled on one side of each bag. Perfect choice for holding wedding favors such as coffee beans, candy, or other small trinkets.
  • Dimensions: Each bag is approximately 6 inches tall by 3 ¼ inches wide
  • Quantity: Sold in sets of 12

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