Interesting Wedding Decorations

Moustache MugWith such a large variety of people getting married with various preferences and tastes, having a selection of interesting wedding decorations has become a large market for purveyors of wedding decorations. While there are several classic items like bubbles and candy that continue to be vastly popular, a new generation of brides and grooms are craving much more unique and interesting wedding decorations to make their celebration their own. I have collected some of my favorite examples to share with you and hopefully make coming up with your own custom touch an easier task.

Fun Glassware

There is a large selection of fun glassware that can add a personal touch to your reception. There are literally hundreds of options ranging from Mason jar style mugs with moustaches for your male guests to champagne flutes with the couples’ names and wedding dated printed on them as a commemorative piece. Regardless of what type of fun glassware you choose to purchase, they also make a great wedding favors that your guests will cherish as a keepsake from your special day.

Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are a fun, though classic, way to add a far eastern touch to your wedding decorations. Most people who choose to use paper lanterns like to hang them from trees if they are outdoors or the ceiling if they are outdoors, but some people have anchored them to the ground with string and have them floating using helium filled balloons. Either way, you can add a fresh and colorful look to your wedding with just a handful of these inexpensive paper beauties.

Personalized Aisle Runner

Another classy way to spice up the look of your ceremony is to use an aisle runner. Essentially, it is a long rug that marks out the path the bride and groom will walk on their way to the altar. Though normally used for outdoor weddings to keep the bride’s dress off the grass, more and more couples are starting to use them inside to add a special touch to their decoration scheme. By choosing an aisle runner that is personalized with your names or wedding date, you can take that special touch to the next level and truly make your wedding decorations your own.


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