Decorations for a Beach Wedding

Ship PartsBeach weddings are a very popular style for young couples, and putting together the perfect assortment of decorations for the event are no less important than any other theme. Fortunately, beaches usually give a great deal of beauty already and require very little in the way of actual decorating. In fact, that is the number one reason most couples give when asked why they chose to have a beach wedding. However, even if it is modest additions and tweaks, preparing the location on the beach that will be the site of your ceremony to set it apart from the surrounding areas of the beach is important in making the ceremony fell like a more special event.


Seashells are a great choice for decorations because they will look like they are a natural part of the scenery. On top of that, you can usually get them for very cheap or even free if you organize a shell-gathering event in the days leading up to your wedding. Seashells enhance the natural beauty of any beach location, and you may even be able to hand them out as favors when the ceremony is over.

Beach Glass

Beach glass is another great way to add something that is natural to the already beautiful landscape of the beach. Usually blue in color, beach glass is different from regular glass because it is formed from underwater volcanic activity and is usually not sharp because the water has smoothed all the edges. This is important because you don’t want people accidentally getting cut.


Starfish are nearly synonymous with the ocean, and the very thought of them makes you picture a beach in your head. Though they are fairly rare to find on a beach in reality, scattering some of them about can make the area look like the beach most people fantasize about in their head. Like some of the other beach wedding decorations I mentioned above, starfish also make excellent keepsakes for your guests.

Ship Parts

Though it is more work and more expensive than most of the other decorations I have talked about, scattering some broken and rusty ship parts around they ceremony site can really give a cool nautical feel. Items like broken masts, large ship wheels, and even rusty pulleys can make your guests feel like there are sitting in the remains of a sunken ship. You can even have a treasure chest shaped gift box up front for your guests to place their wedding cards to complete the theme.


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