“Lucky Elephant” Tea Light Holder

Tea Light HoldersElephants are one of the most popular animals on Earth, and they also fit the idea of a wedding very well because of the saying “an elephant never forgets”. The idea here is that the vows you take on your wedding day are meant to last forever, so the elephant symbolizes that commitment in a fun way that your guests will enjoy as well. Furthermore, many cultures believe that the elephant brings good fortune, which makes them another great choice for a romantic celebration.

These “lucky elephant” tea light holders are the perfect mix between making that romantic statement and giving your guests some fun wedding favors that they can take home and enjoy. Designed to give your wedding an Indian theme fit for the Far East, your guests will be delighted to take these lovely keepsakes home with them and you can revel in the knowledge that you have sent them home with your best wishes and good luck for years to come. Each tea light holder has a place card holder molded right into the design to make it a fun and functional element to any celebration.


  • Color: Antique Ivory
  • Item Materials: High Quality Resin
  • Item Details: Each elephant is placed upon a jewel-toned paper Persian rug inside a transparent gift box for a glorious presentation. A molded-in “rug” on the side of each elephant can hold a place card or photo on either side for additional versatility. Each elephant comes with a tea light candle, customizable gift tag, and is wrapped in a gold ribbon and bow.
  • Dimensions:  2 ¼ inches tall by 3 ¼ inches long by 2 ¼ inches wide (elephant) / 2 ½ inches tall by 3 ¼ inches long by 2 ¼ inches wide (in gift box)

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