Asian-Themed Wedding Decorations

Paper LanternsAs one of the largest cultures in the world, the vast majority of people on Earth are from Asian descent. This also means that there are more Asian-themed weddings than any other type, so there is obviously a huge selection of wedding decorations available specifically for this purpose. Though it is important to refrain from being too obvious and tacky with your Asian style wedding decorations, there are a few classic items that should be represented to make it obvious that the theme you are going after is Asian. Below, I will discuss three of the most popular and common types of decorations that every Asian-themed wedding should include.

Paper Lanterns

Almost everyone is familiar with paper lanterns and the sheer beauty they offer to and wedding. Besides just being a staple item at Asian-themed weddings, paper lanterns have transcended the culture gap to become a popular wedding decoration at all types of weddings. Available in several shapes such as round, cubes, and tall cylinders, paper lanterns are usually hung from the ceiling with a small light inside to act as both a source of illumination as well as beauty. They work particularly well outside, but can also be used indoors.

Bamboo Items

Bamboo is another material that just screams Asian culture. If you visit any country in Asia, you would immediately notice that bamboo is the primary building material for anything constructed out of wood. While bamboo is incredibly strong, it is also instantly recognizable with a very elegant look. Bamboo can make a great decoration at a wedding as many different items including place card holders, beverage coasters, or “lucky bamboo” plants to be used as centerpieces. There is virtually an unlimited amount of bamboo wedding decorations available, so check with your favorite vendor for a complete selection.

Paper Parasols

Another paper item that is perfect for an Asian-themed wedding is parasols. Paper parasols are essentially decorative umbrellas that are usually made from rice paper. Paper parasols are a great way to add that Asian “vide” to any space because they are easy to fit anywhere and are very affordable. Much like the paper lanterns, you can also hang some paper parasols from the ceiling and even hang them upside-down with some backlighting for an even more enchanting effect. If you want to pair up your decorations to create a fun theme across the board, you can also get miniature parasols to put into your guests drinks; which are a very popular item in tropical regions.


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