Italian Wedding Decorations

Italian BreadsHaving an Italian-themed wedding can be a fun and cultural experience for your friends and family. Italian is known as the language of love, so having elements of the old world scattered throughout your wedding can make for an enchanting and timeless experience. In order to pull of the perfect Italian wedding theme, the most important aspect will be the decorations. Fortunately, because if the culture in Italy, most of the things that make people think of Italy are foods and wine. This means that while you are choosing certain foods for your wedding you can also make them part of your decorations and save yourself some money versus the need to buy both.


In Italian culture, Wine is the cornerstone to many of the classic memories and meals that make life there so great. Wine is also a very classy and fun way to add a special touch to your reception since most guests will enjoy a glass with their dinner. By choosing a selection of interesting looking Italian wines to scatter around the reception hall you can create the feel of being in a bistro while offering your guests a delicious beverage to enjoy with their pasta.

Breads and Baguettes

Breads and baguettes are another staple to Italian food and culture, which makes them a great choice to keep the Italian theme going at your reception. Italian breads can range from small rolls to large loafs and will take up quite a bit of room while also offering a wide range of appearances and flavors. Your guests will love the look and taste of all the varieties of Italian breads you offer them, and it can save you money on the main pasta courses because bread is very filling and inexpensive. To make it even better, you can offer an assortment of seasoned olive oils to dip the bread in; which is another Italian classic.

Candles and Flowers

Though candles and flowers are part of most wedding receptions, the style and colors of each are vital to the overall ambiance that creates a bistro feel. For the cables, you will want to choose old and rustic looking candle holders that have dark and rich colors to make everything feel darks and warm. Similarly, your flower vases should follow the same color schemes; but more important are the colors of your flowers. You want to avoid having bouquets that are too bright and happy looking because a sultry and complex look will give off the Italian wedding vibe much better. Avoid plain colors and try to choose in-between colors that blend neutrally with each other.


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