“Back to the Future” Wedding Theme

DeLoreanRecently, the idea of having weddings that are themed after hit movies from the bride and groom’s teen years is becoming very popular. One of the most popular movies from the generation of couples who are at the age of marriage is “Back to the Future” starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. Coincidentally, this is actually are ally fun choice for a wedding theme because it is both highly recognizable and has a ton of great memorable characters and props to include into your ceremony. While it’s always up to the couple how they want to execute their wedding theme, here are some of the best examples that I’ve seen.

Biff Tannin as your Minister

“Make like a tree and get out of here.” We all remember the classic lines that Biff got wrong, as well as the classic manure truck scene. But if you are a true Back to the Future enthusiast, what could be better than being wed by a quality Biff look alike? Just picture yourself dressed up as Jen and your soon-to-be spouse dressed as Marty McFly while Biff says the lines. What could be better?

The “Enchantment Under the Sea”

We all remember how Marty’s parents met at the “Enchantment Under the Sea” and how his time travels almost messed everything up. The classic decorating scheme can serve as a great template for your reception hall to really bring the whole “Back to the Future” wedding theme full circle. You can even get a 50’s cover band to play Chuck Barry songs, and if groom is musical; he can play along on Johnny B. Goode.

Hover Boards

Okay, I know they aren’t real. But you could certainly find some old beat up skateboards and decorate them to look like the props from the movie. You could maybe hand them from fishing line from the ceiling to create the illusion, hand them out as wedding favors, or even mock one up for the “Marty” groom to stand on while saying his vows. No matter how you use them, the hover board was an iconic prop in the Back to the Future trilogy.

The DeLorean

While this may be out of the price range for many couples, there is simply no better way to bring your “Back to the Future” wedding theme together like having the DeLorean time machine there to make an appearance. The coolest thing I saw was a couple having there reception first, then hopping in the DeLorean to go “back in time” to the ceremony itself. Plus, what could be cooler after your celebration than hopping in the iconic vehicle and driving off towards your honeymoon? Priceless.


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