5 Basic Reception Table Decoration Tips

Edible ArrangementsRegardless of what type or theme you are aiming for at your wedding reception, table decorations are certain to play a major role in the overall look. The point of having decorations on your reception tables is to engage your guests and bring them into the event by making them part of the celebration. Without the table decorations, they would look bare and out of place in the midst of all the other items that adorn your reception hall. Making your tables look both festive and inviting is essential to bringing the entire event together, and sometimes you can even have your table decorations double as wedding favors. We will look at 5 basic reception table decoration tips that should help give you some ideas that will hopefully lead to the decorations of your dreams.

Follow Your Wedding Theme

Most of the time, a bride will come up with an over-arching theme that they want to be reflected in their wedding decorations. By considering the basic theme and colors you will be using for the rest of your decorations, you can get some guidance to help you select you table decorations.

Keep Your Design Elemental

Keeping your decorations simple is a great way to make your guests interested. Sticking with the basic elements such as fire, water, and earth is a great way to keep things as simple as possible. Candles, flowers, and items that float are all great choices for basic centerpieces that stay within this theme.

Disposable Cameras

Though most people have cameras on their phones or will be bringing a quality digital camera along to the reception to get high quality photos, you may want to have a certain amount of the photos stay at the hall. Disposable cameras are a great way to do this, and are also a fun “throwback” item your guests will appreciate. Basically, you leave a disposable camera on each table, your guests use up all the shots, and you can drop them off at the photo shack to develop the candid memories your guests creatively gathered for you.

Use a Variety of Vases

Variety is the spice of life, so why not have that represented when starting yours with the person you love? Rather than having the same size and colors for all your vases and centerpieces that you put on your reception tables, change things up to present a more dynamic look. Having different heights for your vases will create an abstract look that your guests will enjoy much more than staying uniform across the entire board.

Use Edible Table Arrangements

People enjoy looking at beautiful pieces of art, but it only gets better if you are also able to eat them! Edible arrangements are essentially what they sound like; groupings of items that look fantastic sitting on a table that your guests can also enjoy eating. These types of table decorations have really grown in popularity in recent years, and there are several different varieties from which to choose.

Fruit arrangements are one of the most popular choices, and are also one of the more health-smart options out there. The only thing to keep in mind with fruit is that it can look unappealing after a period of time, so you want to make sure it’s fresh. Also, not all types of fruit will work for a table arrangement, so make sure you consult someone who knows what they are talking about.

The other top choice for edible arrangements is to make them out of candy. Candy has the benefit of staying good for a very long time, but it also comes in a virtually unlimited amount of shape, size, and color options to give the designer a virtually unlimited spectrum. The downside is that candy is very unhealthy, and guests with health issues such as diabetes may not be able to indulge in the feast that is your edible arrangements.


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