Candles as Wedding Favors

Pine Cone CandlesCandles are a very popular choice for wedding favors because they are so useful and fun that your guests are sure to appreciate them. The best part of choosing candles to give to your guests as a gift is that there are literally hundreds of great variations to fit your theme and the time of year when your wedding is taking place. By coupling the design of the candle you give to your guests with the season, you are encouraging its use in the near future rather than letting it get shelved for a period of time.

There are other great reasons to go with a candle such as the symbolism they provide. When your guests light the candle at home, it symbolizes your ever-burning love for each other. They can also be useful at the reception itself because it can allow you to use sparklers as wedding favors since they are easiest to light that way. Below, you will find some fun candle wedding favor ideas for each season to help you decide what will work best for your purposes.

Spring Wedding Candles

Bird-shaped tea light candles are a great option for a spring wedding favor because it symbolizes the returning of the birds after a long and cold winter. This message of rebirth is the perfect thing for a wedding where you and your significant other are joining to begin your lives together. Beyond the symbolism, birds are beautiful and blend into nearly any wedding theme and will delight your guests whether they are lit or left unlit as a display item.

Summer Wedding Candles

One of the most popular types of weddings to have in the summer is a beach wedding, so reflecting that theme in your choice of candles is a perfect match. The two most popular choices for summer-themed candles to give as wedding favors are either seashell shaped candles or palm tree shaped candles. If you have trouble deciding which to opt for, you can always choose a mix to add some variety for your wedding reception guests. Since wedding favors usually dress up your reception tables, having a little variety in your candle selections will also make your wedding look a bit nicer.

Fall Wedding Candles

Autumn features some of the most vibrant sights, smells, and colors of the year as the season changes and the leaves begin to fall. Anyone who has ever attended a fall wedding knows just how beautiful the natural landscapes can be, so incorporating that beauty into your wedding favors is crucial. Popular candle choices for a fall wedding include leaf shaped candles and pine cone shaped candles; both of which reflect the changing seasons that both the bride and groom are approaching in their lives.

Winter Wedding Candles

Ah, winter weddings. Nothing conveys more of a delicate and timeless feel than the silence found on a snow-covered winter day. Candles are a particularly good choice as wedding favors for a winter wedding because it is the most common time of year for people to light them. Candles are a great way to add extra warmth to a home when it’s chilly outside, and they often fill a home with sweet aromas and feelings of joy. Popular choices for winter wedding candles are snowflake shaped candles, pine tree shaped candles, and snowman shaped candles.


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