Antiquated Wedding Traditions to Skip

wedding-traditionsThere are many old fashioned wedding traditions that it has become perfectly acceptable to quit doing. As times have changed, so have traditions and expectations surrounding weddings.

One of the antiquated traditions most couples are choosing to skip these days is the introduction of the entire wedding party during the reception. Making this introduction tends to disrupt the flow of a wedding reception and requires scattered wedding party members to converge. This is especially being skipped at smaller weddings (generally less than 100 guests) where it is more likely that the guests in attendance are already familiar with the wedding party.

While in the past couples used both place and escort cards these days they tend to choose one or the other. The escort and place cards essentially fulfill the same purpose, and since they are redundant they amount to nothing more than extra work in setting up for the reception. That is the main reason people choose to ditch this old wedding tradition to streamline the process. It is more efficient for everyone to have guests pick up their place cards as they enter the reception venue and head straight to their table. This way the guests remain organized in their seating yet still get to choose who they sit next to at their assigned table.

The days of couples sitting at the “sweetheart table” are pretty quickly ending. Many feel that this makes the bride and groom look pretentious and that it also makes it more difficult for them to enjoy their own wedding dinner. At today’s weddings couples usually sit at the same table as their wedding party and/or parents. Since couples are expected to visit every table during the reception, it is often more convenient for them to be at table with the people they are closest to.

A fairly new trend for couples getting married is to eschew the idea of not seeing each other on their wedding day before the ceremony begins. While in the past, doing so was thought to be bad luck, couples are abandoning this idea in droves. At the opposite end of the spectrum many couples are now coming together on their wedding day, immediately before their ceremony begins to take what is called a “first look” photo.

In the past, a bride’s attendants were expected to be female and groomsmen were expected to be male. However, times are changing and many brides are asking men to serve as one of their attendants while many grooms are asking women to serve as their grooms-person.

Brides are also increasingly choosing someone other than their father to walk them down the aisle, or even choosing to walk down the aisle on their own. The mentality at most weddings is no longer that the bride’s father is doing a service by handing her over to her soon-to-be husband. In many cases, brides are now choosing a brother or other close family member to escort them down the aisle, especially brides that were raised by a single mother. This is proof that antiquated wedding traditions are often skipped.


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