Considerations When Picking a First Dance Song

wedding-danceThe first song you dance to as husband and wife should be significant to you both. Choosing this song can be a stressful task especially if you and your soon to be spouse can’t agree on a song. There are certain things you should consider when trying to make this decision.

Choosing your first dance song is easier to do if you can agree on a type of music or specific artist you both like. This will help you narrow down your choices and find a song that has meaning to you. For some couples it is a country song while for others it may be rock.

The song you choose should say something about your relationship. The more meaningful it is the more memorable it will be for both of you. It will also allow your guests a glimpse into the private aspects of your relationship and will make your first dance more meaningful for them too.

The lyrics of your first dance song should be appropriate for a wedding, so it is best to carefully listen when choosing a song. For example, some songs that sound like they are about romantic love thriving are actually about a breakup, something you don’t want to hear on your own wedding day.

Regardless of what genre you choose your first dance song should be one that you can easily dance to. If you have your heart set on a song that is not easy to dance to any talented band can play the song using the rhythm that will help you dance to it. Ensuring that the band you hire can sing the song you want to use should also be part of the process of choosing one.

Keep in mind that your first dance does not necessarily have to be the traditional slow dance, which almost exclusively limits you to ballads. Using a more upbeat song is acceptable at today’s weddings. This allows you to relax and have fun on the dance floor. Many couples purposely choose a song that they know their guests will come out and dance to towards the end of the song. Doing so can add a whole new element of togetherness to your wedding.

If you are truly struggling to choose a song, taking dance classes together can help you and your partner make the decision. Your dance teacher should be able to advise you on the type of song you will want to choose depending on your comfort level and skill when it comes to dancing.

While you want to enjoy the spotlight on your wedding day your guests will appreciate it if you choose a short song. Any song that takes more than three or four minutes may make your guests antsy. To choose a song that is not too long, consider watching music videos on the Internet. This will help you determine how long a song is so that you can make the right choice.


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