Candles as Wedding Favors

Pine Cone CandlesCandles are a very popular choice for wedding favors because they are so useful and fun that your guests are sure to appreciate them. The best part of choosing candles to give to your guests as a gift is that there are literally hundreds of great variations to fit your theme and the time of year when your wedding is taking place. By coupling the design of the candle you give to your guests with the season, you are encouraging its use in the near future rather than letting it get shelved for a period of time.

There are other great reasons to go with a candle such as the symbolism they provide. When your guests light the candle at home, it symbolizes your ever-burning love for each other. They can also be useful at the reception itself because it can allow you to use sparklers as wedding favors since they are easiest to light that way. Below, you will find some fun candle wedding favor ideas for each season to help you decide what will work best for your purposes.

Spring Wedding Candles

Bird-shaped tea light candles are a great option for a spring wedding favor because it symbolizes the returning of the birds after a long and cold winter. This message of rebirth is the perfect thing for a wedding where you and your significant other are joining to begin your lives together. Beyond the symbolism, birds are beautiful and blend into nearly any wedding theme and will delight your guests whether they are lit or left unlit as a display item.

Summer Wedding Candles

One of the most popular types of weddings to have in the summer is a beach wedding, so reflecting that theme in your choice of candles is a perfect match. The two most popular choices for summer-themed candles to give as wedding favors are either seashell shaped candles or palm tree shaped candles. If you have trouble deciding which to opt for, you can always choose a mix to add some variety for your wedding reception guests. Since wedding favors usually dress up your reception tables, having a little variety in your candle selections will also make your wedding look a bit nicer.

Fall Wedding Candles

Autumn features some of the most vibrant sights, smells, and colors of the year as the season changes and the leaves begin to fall. Anyone who has ever attended a fall wedding knows just how beautiful the natural landscapes can be, so incorporating that beauty into your wedding favors is crucial. Popular candle choices for a fall wedding include leaf shaped candles and pine cone shaped candles; both of which reflect the changing seasons that both the bride and groom are approaching in their lives.

Winter Wedding Candles

Ah, winter weddings. Nothing conveys more of a delicate and timeless feel than the silence found on a snow-covered winter day. Candles are a particularly good choice as wedding favors for a winter wedding because it is the most common time of year for people to light them. Candles are a great way to add extra warmth to a home when it’s chilly outside, and they often fill a home with sweet aromas and feelings of joy. Popular choices for winter wedding candles are snowflake shaped candles, pine tree shaped candles, and snowman shaped candles.


5 Basic Reception Table Decoration Tips

Edible ArrangementsRegardless of what type or theme you are aiming for at your wedding reception, table decorations are certain to play a major role in the overall look. The point of having decorations on your reception tables is to engage your guests and bring them into the event by making them part of the celebration. Without the table decorations, they would look bare and out of place in the midst of all the other items that adorn your reception hall. Making your tables look both festive and inviting is essential to bringing the entire event together, and sometimes you can even have your table decorations double as wedding favors. We will look at 5 basic reception table decoration tips that should help give you some ideas that will hopefully lead to the decorations of your dreams.

Follow Your Wedding Theme

Most of the time, a bride will come up with an over-arching theme that they want to be reflected in their wedding decorations. By considering the basic theme and colors you will be using for the rest of your decorations, you can get some guidance to help you select you table decorations.

Keep Your Design Elemental

Keeping your decorations simple is a great way to make your guests interested. Sticking with the basic elements such as fire, water, and earth is a great way to keep things as simple as possible. Candles, flowers, and items that float are all great choices for basic centerpieces that stay within this theme.

Disposable Cameras

Though most people have cameras on their phones or will be bringing a quality digital camera along to the reception to get high quality photos, you may want to have a certain amount of the photos stay at the hall. Disposable cameras are a great way to do this, and are also a fun “throwback” item your guests will appreciate. Basically, you leave a disposable camera on each table, your guests use up all the shots, and you can drop them off at the photo shack to develop the candid memories your guests creatively gathered for you.

Use a Variety of Vases

Variety is the spice of life, so why not have that represented when starting yours with the person you love? Rather than having the same size and colors for all your vases and centerpieces that you put on your reception tables, change things up to present a more dynamic look. Having different heights for your vases will create an abstract look that your guests will enjoy much more than staying uniform across the entire board.

Use Edible Table Arrangements

People enjoy looking at beautiful pieces of art, but it only gets better if you are also able to eat them! Edible arrangements are essentially what they sound like; groupings of items that look fantastic sitting on a table that your guests can also enjoy eating. These types of table decorations have really grown in popularity in recent years, and there are several different varieties from which to choose.

Fruit arrangements are one of the most popular choices, and are also one of the more health-smart options out there. The only thing to keep in mind with fruit is that it can look unappealing after a period of time, so you want to make sure it’s fresh. Also, not all types of fruit will work for a table arrangement, so make sure you consult someone who knows what they are talking about.

The other top choice for edible arrangements is to make them out of candy. Candy has the benefit of staying good for a very long time, but it also comes in a virtually unlimited amount of shape, size, and color options to give the designer a virtually unlimited spectrum. The downside is that candy is very unhealthy, and guests with health issues such as diabetes may not be able to indulge in the feast that is your edible arrangements.

Favors for a Fairy Tale Wedding

Bottle OpenerTo many young women, the very idea of getting married to the man of their dreams is a fairy tale all by itself. So, it is no wonder that many brides are looking to reflect this classic concept at their wedding; and the wedding favors are a huge part of this design. While having the decorations and outfits reflect the classic fairy tale stories like Cinderella that we all grew up watching and fanaticizing about is fairly straight forward, every detail including the favors needs to be perfect in order to properly create the illusion that you and your guests have been literally transported into the story. Here are some fun wedding favors to help you create the magic on your special day.

Engraved Silver Keys

Nothing is more romantic than classic sentiments and terms of endearments, so giving your guests solid silver keys with your names and wedding date engraved in them can be a constant reminder of the fairy tale love that you and your partner share. Your guests will cherish the beauty and elegance of the handcrafted key, and they will hold onto them forever because they are made from precious and valuable silver; though the memories are certain to be the most precious of all.


Allowing your guests to create an atmosphere that seems like it is out of a storybook is crucial to the illusion of a fairy tale wedding, so incorporating that concept into the wedding favors is always a great idea. Your guests can use sparklers to write words or create a “sparkling tunnel” that will look like something out of a movie when captured on film. Many couples only dream of a demonstration that quite literally displays the fire burning in their hearts for one another, but sparklers can do that very task and make a great impression at the same time.

“Cinderella’s Shoe” Bottle Opener

Bottle openers are a classic wedding favor regardless of what type of wedding theme you are going after, but the shape and purpose make all the different. By giving your guests a bottle opener that is shaped like Cinderella’s shoe, you are giving then a gift that is both useful and will fit nicely into your fairy tale wedding theme. Plus, it is a gift that your guests will actually use on a regular basis rather than putting in a drawer to forget or to use at your wedding with only memories to look back upon.

“Back to the Future” Wedding Theme

DeLoreanRecently, the idea of having weddings that are themed after hit movies from the bride and groom’s teen years is becoming very popular. One of the most popular movies from the generation of couples who are at the age of marriage is “Back to the Future” starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. Coincidentally, this is actually are ally fun choice for a wedding theme because it is both highly recognizable and has a ton of great memorable characters and props to include into your ceremony. While it’s always up to the couple how they want to execute their wedding theme, here are some of the best examples that I’ve seen.

Biff Tannin as your Minister

“Make like a tree and get out of here.” We all remember the classic lines that Biff got wrong, as well as the classic manure truck scene. But if you are a true Back to the Future enthusiast, what could be better than being wed by a quality Biff look alike? Just picture yourself dressed up as Jen and your soon-to-be spouse dressed as Marty McFly while Biff says the lines. What could be better?

The “Enchantment Under the Sea”

We all remember how Marty’s parents met at the “Enchantment Under the Sea” and how his time travels almost messed everything up. The classic decorating scheme can serve as a great template for your reception hall to really bring the whole “Back to the Future” wedding theme full circle. You can even get a 50’s cover band to play Chuck Barry songs, and if groom is musical; he can play along on Johnny B. Goode.

Hover Boards

Okay, I know they aren’t real. But you could certainly find some old beat up skateboards and decorate them to look like the props from the movie. You could maybe hand them from fishing line from the ceiling to create the illusion, hand them out as wedding favors, or even mock one up for the “Marty” groom to stand on while saying his vows. No matter how you use them, the hover board was an iconic prop in the Back to the Future trilogy.

The DeLorean

While this may be out of the price range for many couples, there is simply no better way to bring your “Back to the Future” wedding theme together like having the DeLorean time machine there to make an appearance. The coolest thing I saw was a couple having there reception first, then hopping in the DeLorean to go “back in time” to the ceremony itself. Plus, what could be cooler after your celebration than hopping in the iconic vehicle and driving off towards your honeymoon? Priceless.

Laser Carved Glass Snowflake Tea Light Holders

Snowflake Tea Light HoldersWhen you are planning to have your wedding in the winter, it is only logical to expect it to be cold outside. While there are several things you can do in your reception hall to keep your guests warm including having fires in the fireplaces, using some large sparklers, or just cranking up the thermostat, giving your guests something to warm both their homes and hearts as a “thank you” for coming to celebrate is also very important. Tea light holders are the perfect wedding favor for this purpose, and what could be more appropriate in the winter than tea light holders that are laser carved with snowflakes to remind them of the occasion?

These lovely laser carved glass snowflake tea light holders make a great winter wedding favor and can really warm up your wedding reception and the hearts of your guests. Each holder is laser-etched with elegant and delicate snowflake patterns that are inspired by the individually unique snowflakes found in real life. Each one will glitter and glisten as the flickering tea lights illuminate them through the glass. Your wedding guests will love these as a favor, and the reviews you get from them are sure to be as warm as the candles themselves.


  • Color: Gray /Silver
  • Item Materials: Glass
  • Item Details: Each tea light holder is laser carved with snowflakes and reflective silver lining inside to warm up the winter. They are sold in packages of 4 tea light holders that are ready to be given as wedding favors.
  • Dimensions: 2 ¾ inches wide by 3 inches tall

Italian Wedding Decorations

Italian BreadsHaving an Italian-themed wedding can be a fun and cultural experience for your friends and family. Italian is known as the language of love, so having elements of the old world scattered throughout your wedding can make for an enchanting and timeless experience. In order to pull of the perfect Italian wedding theme, the most important aspect will be the decorations. Fortunately, because if the culture in Italy, most of the things that make people think of Italy are foods and wine. This means that while you are choosing certain foods for your wedding you can also make them part of your decorations and save yourself some money versus the need to buy both.


In Italian culture, Wine is the cornerstone to many of the classic memories and meals that make life there so great. Wine is also a very classy and fun way to add a special touch to your reception since most guests will enjoy a glass with their dinner. By choosing a selection of interesting looking Italian wines to scatter around the reception hall you can create the feel of being in a bistro while offering your guests a delicious beverage to enjoy with their pasta.

Breads and Baguettes

Breads and baguettes are another staple to Italian food and culture, which makes them a great choice to keep the Italian theme going at your reception. Italian breads can range from small rolls to large loafs and will take up quite a bit of room while also offering a wide range of appearances and flavors. Your guests will love the look and taste of all the varieties of Italian breads you offer them, and it can save you money on the main pasta courses because bread is very filling and inexpensive. To make it even better, you can offer an assortment of seasoned olive oils to dip the bread in; which is another Italian classic.

Candles and Flowers

Though candles and flowers are part of most wedding receptions, the style and colors of each are vital to the overall ambiance that creates a bistro feel. For the cables, you will want to choose old and rustic looking candle holders that have dark and rich colors to make everything feel darks and warm. Similarly, your flower vases should follow the same color schemes; but more important are the colors of your flowers. You want to avoid having bouquets that are too bright and happy looking because a sultry and complex look will give off the Italian wedding vibe much better. Avoid plain colors and try to choose in-between colors that blend neutrally with each other.

Chrome “XO” Bottle Openers

Chrome XO Bottle OpenerOne of the most thoughtful types of wedding favors is one that will be used over and over again by your guest, and a bottle opener certainly fits this bill. You would be hard-pressed to find an item in a kitchen that is more used than a bottle opener, and if you need a bottle opened there is literally nothing else that will do the job properly. Each time your guests open a bottle of their favorite sparkler or beer with their bottle opener, they will be reminded of your wedding day and the generous gift that you gave them for attending the celebration.

Made from the highest quality chrome and decorated with a very elegant black and white ribbon, these lovely chrome “XO” bottle openers are one of the most thoughtful wedding favors possible to continue to remind your guests of your big day. These cute and elegant bottle openers are the perfect way to illustrate your romance by depicting a large X and O on the handle, as well as an included gift tag that says “Hugs and Kisses from Mr. and Mrs.” These bottle openers are sold individually, but the price goes down drastically the more you purchase.


  • Color: Silver
  • Item Materials: Chrome
  • Item Details: Each polished silver chrome bottle opener features a large “X” and “O” with the actual bottle opener contained within the “O”. Each opener is accented by a black and white ribbon that is looped around the “O” and features an attached gift tag that says “Hugs and Kisses from Mr. and Mrs.”
  • Dimensions:  1 ½ inches tall by 2 ½ inches wide