A Wedding Cake with a Twist

Smurfs Wedding CakeIf you are having a wedding reception after your ceremony, then you probably are planning a traditional event with foods, drinks, and dancing until late into the evening. Part of that event is usually serving wedding cake, which is by and large of the most popular parts of the entire celebration. Typically, a wedding cake will be decorative and use the standard palette of wedding colors so it blends in with the rest of the decorations. However, some couples prefer to do something a little more exotic with their wedding cake to make it more memorable and unique. Here are a few ideas that will help you add a twist to an old classic if you are thinking of trying something a little different.

Themed Wedding Cake

One of the most fun things you can do to make your wedding cake remarkable is to create a themed design based on one of your favorite movies, television stories, or books. Your guests will love looking at a complete scene crafted out of the sweetest tasting stuff on Earth, and your wedding cake designer will also enjoy having the ability to be more creative. If you are into the Smurfs, for instance, you could have a scene where Gargamel’s castle is at the top of the cake and Papa Smurf is leading the rest of the gang down the side of the cake to the mushroom patch below. Whatever you happen to be into, there’s a way to depict it as a scene on your wedding cake.

Sparklers on the Cake

Another interesting thing you can do to your wedding cake is bring it in to the reception hall with sparklers burning on top of it. This is the same concept as using birthday candles on a cake, except you use sparklers instead. To achieve this, you don’t use regular sparklers but instead buy bottle sparklers that can also be used on top of cakes without damaging the frosting. That way, you get all the fun and attention that you’re looking for without making the cake unable to be eaten.

Cupcakes Instead of Regular Cake

Lastly, a fun option for people who want the classic flavor of wedding cake but don’t want to deal with the hassle of a cake cutting ceremony is to have cupcakes instead of regular cake. The best part of having cupcakes is that they are really easy to hand out to your guests and they look fantastic when sitting on your buffet tables. Also, if you want to have a variety of different flavor options available, it is really easy to do with cupcakes so you can literally have dozens of flavors. If you know of a guest who likes a particular flavor, you can even make on especially for them.

No matter how you choose to put a twist on the classic tradition of having a wedding cake, your guests are sure to enjoy their delicious treat. From grand entrances to easy serving techniques, there are as many options with presenting your wedding cake as there are flavors and frostings; so think outside the box and make your wedding cake everything you’ve dreamed about!


Personalized Cupcake Boxes (Set of 12)

Cupcake BoxesWhat could be sweeter than a cupcake personalized just for your guests? Your guests enjoying their personalized cupcakes as you and your spouse share your first kiss after your unforgettable ceremony. This lovely set of 12 personalized cupcake boxes is the perfect way to give each of your guests a wedding favor that is personalized just for them. Your guest will really appreciate the special thought and effort that went into this thank you gift and it is sure to make your wedding even more memorable.

Furthermore, because you supply your own choice of cupcakes, you can even take this customizable wedding favor one step further by offering a variety of different cupcakes depending on gender, age, or just the personal preferences of the individual. You can even select specific label colors, text, and graphics for certain people. Best of all, you can use the cupcake in place of a wedding cake which can save you some extra money by combining the two parts of your reception.


  • Item Color: Transparent
  • Materials: Clear Plastic (box)
  • Details: Clear plastic cube with white band and circle for name customization. Circle comes customized in your choice of color, clipart, and text.
  • Dimensions: 3 inch cube
  • Units Per Package: 12
  • Assembly Required: Yes (add your own cupcakes)