Favors for a Fairy Tale Wedding

Bottle OpenerTo many young women, the very idea of getting married to the man of their dreams is a fairy tale all by itself. So, it is no wonder that many brides are looking to reflect this classic concept at their wedding; and the wedding favors are a huge part of this design. While having the decorations and outfits reflect the classic fairy tale stories like Cinderella that we all grew up watching and fanaticizing about is fairly straight forward, every detail including the favors needs to be perfect in order to properly create the illusion that you and your guests have been literally transported into the story. Here are some fun wedding favors to help you create the magic on your special day.

Engraved Silver Keys

Nothing is more romantic than classic sentiments and terms of endearments, so giving your guests solid silver keys with your names and wedding date engraved in them can be a constant reminder of the fairy tale love that you and your partner share. Your guests will cherish the beauty and elegance of the handcrafted key, and they will hold onto them forever because they are made from precious and valuable silver; though the memories are certain to be the most precious of all.


Allowing your guests to create an atmosphere that seems like it is out of a storybook is crucial to the illusion of a fairy tale wedding, so incorporating that concept into the wedding favors is always a great idea. Your guests can use sparklers to write words or create a “sparkling tunnel” that will look like something out of a movie when captured on film. Many couples only dream of a demonstration that quite literally displays the fire burning in their hearts for one another, but sparklers can do that very task and make a great impression at the same time.

“Cinderella’s Shoe” Bottle Opener

Bottle openers are a classic wedding favor regardless of what type of wedding theme you are going after, but the shape and purpose make all the different. By giving your guests a bottle opener that is shaped like Cinderella’s shoe, you are giving then a gift that is both useful and will fit nicely into your fairy tale wedding theme. Plus, it is a gift that your guests will actually use on a regular basis rather than putting in a drawer to forget or to use at your wedding with only memories to look back upon.