Laser Carved Glass Snowflake Tea Light Holders

Snowflake Tea Light HoldersWhen you are planning to have your wedding in the winter, it is only logical to expect it to be cold outside. While there are several things you can do in your reception hall to keep your guests warm including having fires in the fireplaces, using some large sparklers, or just cranking up the thermostat, giving your guests something to warm both their homes and hearts as a “thank you” for coming to celebrate is also very important. Tea light holders are the perfect wedding favor for this purpose, and what could be more appropriate in the winter than tea light holders that are laser carved with snowflakes to remind them of the occasion?

These lovely laser carved glass snowflake tea light holders make a great winter wedding favor and can really warm up your wedding reception and the hearts of your guests. Each holder is laser-etched with elegant and delicate snowflake patterns that are inspired by the individually unique snowflakes found in real life. Each one will glitter and glisten as the flickering tea lights illuminate them through the glass. Your wedding guests will love these as a favor, and the reviews you get from them are sure to be as warm as the candles themselves.


  • Color: Gray /Silver
  • Item Materials: Glass
  • Item Details: Each tea light holder is laser carved with snowflakes and reflective silver lining inside to warm up the winter. They are sold in packages of 4 tea light holders that are ready to be given as wedding favors.
  • Dimensions: 2 ¾ inches wide by 3 inches tall