Creating a Wedding Trivia Game

Weding Trivia

Keeping guests entertained at a wedding can sometimes be a challenge. However, there are some creative ways to make it easier to accomplish. One of them is by creating a wedding trivia game. This can be played by guests during the cocktail hour or during slow parts of the reception.

One idea for a wedding trivia game is to take information about the bride and groom’s relationship and turn it into your own version of trivial pursuit. You can take the board game itself and then altar the board to fit your needs or you can create one from scratch if you have the proper skills to do so. You can also find general facts about weddings to use in your trivia game to make things a little more interesting.

Another idea is to write down a list of both true and false statements about the couple. Each guest can be read a statement and has to determine whether or not it is true. If your budget allows for it, offer a small prize to anyone who correctly identifies a statement as true or false. This makes the wedding reception interactive in ways that will keep everyone entertained and eliminates any awkwardness among guests.

When creating a trivia game about the couple getting married it is helpful to get ideas from invited guests and will make them feel more involved in the process. If everyone contributes a piece of trivia they know about the couple the game will be more interesting and informative than it would have been otherwise.

A wedding trivia game can concentrate on a couple’s life together or it can concentrate on what the bride and the groom were like as children. Multiple choice questions can be written and guests can take turns choosing the answer they believe is correct.

A more general wedding trivia game can simply ask questions about the time honored wedding traditions that so many have practiced. It can also include questions about weddings that may stump the majority of the guests in attendance. This is a great way for everyone to learn more about weddings in general. Wedding related statistics or strange wedding facts and records can be incorporated into the trivia game as well.

These games don’t have to be specifically about weddings and often other topics are chosen by couples. For example, if the majority of the guests at a wedding are interested in a particular subject that subject can be used for the trivia game. Many couples will choose a TV show that they and their guests enjoy and ask trivia questions about the show. For guests who may get bored easily this will likely be a more interesting experience than answering trivia questions about the bride and groom and their relationship.

A child’s trivia game can be bought or created for weddings where there are younger guests in attendance. This can be about a beloved cartoon character they all like or even general trivia that will stimulate them while still allowing them to have fun and avoid becoming bored.

Entertaining guests is the main goal of any wedding trivia game, and these ideas should help you create one that is tailor-made to your wants and needs.