Is It Okay to Skip Buying Wedding Favors?

wedding-favorsTraditionally, brides and grooms have given their guests wedding favors to take home with them at the end of the day. However, this is an expense that can quickly add up, leading some couples to question whether or not they have to give wedding favors.

In today’s world, weddings are much more laid back than they ever were before. Couples are ditching traditional rules and customs to create their own instead, and many question things like whether wedding favors are really necessary at all. When it comes to wedding favors, some couples choose to skip them altogether while others choose to make the favors themselves in order to cut down on costs.

Homemade baked goods, jams and jellies are an option for couples who are able and willing to prepare them. These can be packaged and distributed to guests at the wedding reception. Another option is for couples to purchase bulk items such as travel sized scented candles, which is often the most cost effective way to give wedding favors to one’s guests.

Some couples offer a dessert bar at their wedding and allow each guest to take home something from the bar, to serve as their wedding favor. M&Ms and other similar candies can be offered at a dessert bar, with everyone getting a small goodie bag or Mason jar they can fill with the candies they choose. Goodie bags can often be personalized with the names of the bride and groom as well as the wedding date.

Others choose a more environmentally friendly but still affordable item, such as packages of seeds that guests can take home and plant. Couples can choose flower or vegetable seeds and distribute them to each guest.

Charitable couples sometimes choose to make a donation to a worthy organization in the names of their wedding guests. This allows couples and their guests to give back and avoids creating extra work and extra stress for the bride and groom.

Couples who are truly strapped for cash may shun the idea of wedding favors altogether. This is an acceptable decision for couples to make as they are not obligated to distribute favors to their wedding guests. It is done as a courtesy to guests but it is a courtesy that some couples simply can’t afford.

Those who skip buying favors should make it a point to let their guests know that they appreciate the time they took to come to their wedding. Guests will not want to leave feeling like their presence at the wedding was not valued. This is why many couples choose to give wedding favors even if they are very small ones, and you can usually find cool wedding favors on a budget if you use some creativity.

Putting together favors at home can be extremely time consuming and many couples don’t have the energy to spare when planning their wedding. This is one popular reason to skip the wedding favors completely. Whatever a couple chooses to do should be accepted by their guests. Though wedding favors are meant to act as a thank you they are not the only way to say it.


Tips for Choosing Memorable Wedding Favors

Candy as Wedding FavorsThough many people consider their wedding as a celebration to showcase your love for one another, it is also the perfect opportunity to say “thank you” to your friends and family who have supported you over the years. By giving your guests who show up wedding favors, you’re not only saying thanks but also giving them a token of your love and appreciation. Because they are so meaningful, it is important to put some real thought and consideration into your choice for wedding favors. Rather than choosing something average and common, you should take your time to find memorable wedding favors that your guests will truly love. Fortunately, there are some good tips to help you in your mission, and we will cover some of them below.

Keep It Useful

Keeping your wedding favors useful is one of the best ways to ensure your guests will both love and use their gift. Popular choices for useful wedding favors include kitchen gadgets, candles, and even food or drink items like coffee and hot cocoa mix which are all certain to be used either immediately or frequently. You obviously want to make sure the item has overtones that reflect your special day and the romance you share, but keeping it useful means it will actually be used by your guests.

Be Thoughtful

If you are like most couples, the people you invite to your wedding will likely be friends and family that you will know a bit about. It is always a good idea to take advantage of your personal knowledge of your guests to choose the best memorable wedding favors. If you give your guests something like a picture frame, make sure you include a photo of you as a couple, your childhood home, or another thoughtful photo to reflect your past. Making your wedding favors very personal is a great way to make your guests smile and feel appreciated.

Keep With Your Theme

Most weddings are conceived of utilizing a specific theme or look for the whole event. Whether you are doing something that is very involved like a rustic country wedding or are just following a specific color scheme, matching your wedding favors with that theme is crucial to keep things in balance. If you are having a rustic wedding, for instance, you could choose a rustic or antique-looking wedding favor for your guests. Whatever your theme, be thoughtful in your favor choices to make everything mesh well.

Candy is Dandy

Almost everyone has a “sweet tooth”, so giving your guests chocolates, caramels, or other types of candy is a great way to make sure they will love their gift. It is very difficult to find someone who doesn’t like candy, so it is pretty much a foolproof option. If you choose to give candy as wedding favors at your reception, make sure to offer a bit of a variety. Though nearly everyone likes candy, many people have personal preferences so offering a variety will ensure that everyone is satisfied.

Presentation is Key

When it comes to wedding favors, presentation can make even a very ordinary gift seem spectacular. Instead of just laying your favors on the table without much effort, you can create a display such as creating a centerpiece or including them along with other items such as flowers in your centerpieces. If your wedding favors won’t work for that, you can jazz them up a bit with some simple ribbons or by placing them in a decorative box or bag. The more effort you put into the presentation of your wedding favors, the better received they will be by your guests.

Candles as Wedding Favors

Pine Cone CandlesCandles are a very popular choice for wedding favors because they are so useful and fun that your guests are sure to appreciate them. The best part of choosing candles to give to your guests as a gift is that there are literally hundreds of great variations to fit your theme and the time of year when your wedding is taking place. By coupling the design of the candle you give to your guests with the season, you are encouraging its use in the near future rather than letting it get shelved for a period of time.

There are other great reasons to go with a candle such as the symbolism they provide. When your guests light the candle at home, it symbolizes your ever-burning love for each other. They can also be useful at the reception itself because it can allow you to use sparklers as wedding favors since they are easiest to light that way. Below, you will find some fun candle wedding favor ideas for each season to help you decide what will work best for your purposes.

Spring Wedding Candles

Bird-shaped tea light candles are a great option for a spring wedding favor because it symbolizes the returning of the birds after a long and cold winter. This message of rebirth is the perfect thing for a wedding where you and your significant other are joining to begin your lives together. Beyond the symbolism, birds are beautiful and blend into nearly any wedding theme and will delight your guests whether they are lit or left unlit as a display item.

Summer Wedding Candles

One of the most popular types of weddings to have in the summer is a beach wedding, so reflecting that theme in your choice of candles is a perfect match. The two most popular choices for summer-themed candles to give as wedding favors are either seashell shaped candles or palm tree shaped candles. If you have trouble deciding which to opt for, you can always choose a mix to add some variety for your wedding reception guests. Since wedding favors usually dress up your reception tables, having a little variety in your candle selections will also make your wedding look a bit nicer.

Fall Wedding Candles

Autumn features some of the most vibrant sights, smells, and colors of the year as the season changes and the leaves begin to fall. Anyone who has ever attended a fall wedding knows just how beautiful the natural landscapes can be, so incorporating that beauty into your wedding favors is crucial. Popular candle choices for a fall wedding include leaf shaped candles and pine cone shaped candles; both of which reflect the changing seasons that both the bride and groom are approaching in their lives.

Winter Wedding Candles

Ah, winter weddings. Nothing conveys more of a delicate and timeless feel than the silence found on a snow-covered winter day. Candles are a particularly good choice as wedding favors for a winter wedding because it is the most common time of year for people to light them. Candles are a great way to add extra warmth to a home when it’s chilly outside, and they often fill a home with sweet aromas and feelings of joy. Popular choices for winter wedding candles are snowflake shaped candles, pine tree shaped candles, and snowman shaped candles.