“Music of the Heart” Frosted-Glass Tea Light Holders

Musical Note Tea LightsThough there are many different wedding themes that are popular, musical themes are definitely some of the most popular and memorable of all. Because music is loved by nearly everyone and many people are touch but a specific artist or song at some point in their lives, music is an influential factor in many people’s lives. Furthermore, with so many people who are involved in making music of their own, a large amount of couples have played in some sort of band whether professionally, in high school, or just for fun. With such a large number of people into musical wedding themes, many companies are catering to their needs with music themed wedding favors.

These “music of the heart” frosted-glass tea light holders are a great wedding favor choice for any couple who is having a wedding that features a music theme. Sold in sets of 4, these tea light holders features a staff with notes and a silvery colored G-clef charm to enchant any music lover. Best of all, they come packaged in an elegant gift box and even include a tea candle to make it a complete wedding favor or gift without any hassle. If you have guests coming to your wedding reception that appreciate music even half as much as you do, then they are sure to love “music of the heart” frosted-glass tea light holders as a keepsake to remind them of your wedding day magic.


  • Color: Semi-transparent with black sheet music print
  • Item Materials: Frosted Glass
  • Item Details: Set of 4 frosted-glass tea light holders that are adorned with black sheet-music staffs and notes. Gift presentation includes clear gift box, black-satin ribbon and bow, and silvery colored G-clef signature charm along with an included tea candle.
  • Dimensions:  2 ¾ inches tall by 2 ¼ inches wide (each tea light)
  • Packaging Dimensions: 2 ¾ inches high by 2 3/8 inches wide by 3 3/8 inches deep (4 pack)

“The Perfect Blend” Burlap Bags (Set of 12)

Burlap BagsGiving your guests a gift that they are very passionate about is a great way to make sure they will appreciate the thought you put into the gift. If you had the luxury of selecting a specific item for each guest, choosing something like a hobby or collectible for each person would be the most thoughtful of all. However, unless you are having a very small wedding, buying wedding favors that are individualized to the level is probably not an option. Fortunately, you can use the “shotgun” approach (pun intended) and choose an item that many people are passionate about. One of my favorite items for this purpose is coffee because very few people don’t appreciate a great cup of coffee and you can get it in a wedding favor format for a very reasonable price.

This lovely set of burlap pouches are easy to fill with a delicious blend of finely roasted coffee beans that will satisfy even the pickiest aficionado. Each package contains 12 burlap bags with the words “the perfect blend” stenciled on the outside to give it a rustic look that blends into any wedding décor. This dual meaning phrase indicates how perfect you are as a couple, but also what lies just beyond the burlap covering of the pouch itself. Instead of coffee, you can also fill these bags with jelly beans, fresh herbs and spices, or any other item you wish to give your guests. These fun and useful bags will leave a lasting impression on all of your guests, and the treats inside will delight them again at a time of their choosing.


  • Color: Brown
  • Material: Burlap Bag
  • Details: Small burlap bags with a drawstring and the words “The Perfect Blend” stenciled on one side of each bag. Perfect choice for holding wedding favors such as coffee beans, candy, or other small trinkets.
  • Dimensions: Each bag is approximately 6 inches tall by 3 ¼ inches wide
  • Quantity: Sold in sets of 12

Fun Beach Themed Wedding Favors

Beach weddings have always been a popular option for couples, but they have grown in popularity recently because of low travel fees and a growing population. People doing beach themed weddings in areas that aren’t located on the water are even on the rise, simulating the experience with massive decorations and dress codes to give the illusion of a beach wedding. Regardless if you are planning the “real deal” or just trying to give the impression of a beach themed wedding, having wedding favors to reflect this theme is one of the most important details for your guests to be immersed in the experience. For this reason, we have assembled a collection of fun beach themed wedding favors that should delight all of your guests without costing you an arm and a leg.

Personalized Sunscreen Bottles

Personalized Sunscreen BottlesChoosing wedding favors that are useful to your guests is a really great way to enhance the experience your guest have. Though it seems like a logical item, too often guests forget to bring along sunscreen to a beach wedding. Between not wanting your guests to get sunburned and needing to provide some type of wedding favor, choosing personalized sunscreen bottles is a logical and thoughtful choice. You can have a label printed for each guest and place them at their seat in the reception hall. By personalizing the bottles, you are giving your guests a memorable and fun wedding favor; but also eliminate the need to have sunscreen on hand in addition to your favors.

Seashell Place Card Holders

Seashell Place Card HoldersPlace card holders are a very common item at a reception table because they allow you to display your place cards without them tipping over because of wind or the tables being bumped. Since you’re having a beach themed wedding, why not have place card holders that fit that style perfectly? Seashell place card holders will really round out your decorations and add to the beach style feel, especially if you are simulating a beach wedding. You can also invite your guests to take their seashell place card holder home with them as a wedding favor that they are sure to hang onto and use for years to come.

Personalized Margarita Favors

Personalized Margarita FavorsMargaritas are the most popular drink in the United States and are also the ultimate beverage when relaxing on the beach in the hot sun. With that in mind, giving out personalized margarita packets as a wedding favor to your guests fits perfectly into your beach themed wedding. All your guests will need to do is add a splash of their favorite tequila and they’ll be enjoying a delicious margarita in seconds. Also, personalized margarita favors come in a variety of color choices and various graphics options along with your names, wedding date, or other personalized message of your choosing.

Personalized Cupcake Boxes (Set of 12)

Cupcake BoxesWhat could be sweeter than a cupcake personalized just for your guests? Your guests enjoying their personalized cupcakes as you and your spouse share your first kiss after your unforgettable ceremony. This lovely set of 12 personalized cupcake boxes is the perfect way to give each of your guests a wedding favor that is personalized just for them. Your guest will really appreciate the special thought and effort that went into this thank you gift and it is sure to make your wedding even more memorable.

Furthermore, because you supply your own choice of cupcakes, you can even take this customizable wedding favor one step further by offering a variety of different cupcakes depending on gender, age, or just the personal preferences of the individual. You can even select specific label colors, text, and graphics for certain people. Best of all, you can use the cupcake in place of a wedding cake which can save you some extra money by combining the two parts of your reception.


  • Item Color: Transparent
  • Materials: Clear Plastic (box)
  • Details: Clear plastic cube with white band and circle for name customization. Circle comes customized in your choice of color, clipart, and text.
  • Dimensions: 3 inch cube
  • Units Per Package: 12
  • Assembly Required: Yes (add your own cupcakes)