Antiquated Wedding Traditions to Skip

wedding-traditionsThere are many old fashioned wedding traditions that it has become perfectly acceptable to quit doing. As times have changed, so have traditions and expectations surrounding weddings.

One of the antiquated traditions most couples are choosing to skip these days is the introduction of the entire wedding party during the reception. Making this introduction tends to disrupt the flow of a wedding reception and requires scattered wedding party members to converge. This is especially being skipped at smaller weddings (generally less than 100 guests) where it is more likely that the guests in attendance are already familiar with the wedding party.

While in the past couples used both place and escort cards these days they tend to choose one or the other. The escort and place cards essentially fulfill the same purpose, and since they are redundant they amount to nothing more than extra work in setting up for the reception. That is the main reason people choose to ditch this old wedding tradition to streamline the process. It is more efficient for everyone to have guests pick up their place cards as they enter the reception venue and head straight to their table. This way the guests remain organized in their seating yet still get to choose who they sit next to at their assigned table.

The days of couples sitting at the “sweetheart table” are pretty quickly ending. Many feel that this makes the bride and groom look pretentious and that it also makes it more difficult for them to enjoy their own wedding dinner. At today’s weddings couples usually sit at the same table as their wedding party and/or parents. Since couples are expected to visit every table during the reception, it is often more convenient for them to be at table with the people they are closest to.

A fairly new trend for couples getting married is to eschew the idea of not seeing each other on their wedding day before the ceremony begins. While in the past, doing so was thought to be bad luck, couples are abandoning this idea in droves. At the opposite end of the spectrum many couples are now coming together on their wedding day, immediately before their ceremony begins to take what is called a “first look” photo.

In the past, a bride’s attendants were expected to be female and groomsmen were expected to be male. However, times are changing and many brides are asking men to serve as one of their attendants while many grooms are asking women to serve as their grooms-person.

Brides are also increasingly choosing someone other than their father to walk them down the aisle, or even choosing to walk down the aisle on their own. The mentality at most weddings is no longer that the bride’s father is doing a service by handing her over to her soon-to-be husband. In many cases, brides are now choosing a brother or other close family member to escort them down the aisle, especially brides that were raised by a single mother. This is proof that antiquated wedding traditions are often skipped.


Favors for a Fairy Tale Wedding

Bottle OpenerTo many young women, the very idea of getting married to the man of their dreams is a fairy tale all by itself. So, it is no wonder that many brides are looking to reflect this classic concept at their wedding; and the wedding favors are a huge part of this design. While having the decorations and outfits reflect the classic fairy tale stories like Cinderella that we all grew up watching and fanaticizing about is fairly straight forward, every detail including the favors needs to be perfect in order to properly create the illusion that you and your guests have been literally transported into the story. Here are some fun wedding favors to help you create the magic on your special day.

Engraved Silver Keys

Nothing is more romantic than classic sentiments and terms of endearments, so giving your guests solid silver keys with your names and wedding date engraved in them can be a constant reminder of the fairy tale love that you and your partner share. Your guests will cherish the beauty and elegance of the handcrafted key, and they will hold onto them forever because they are made from precious and valuable silver; though the memories are certain to be the most precious of all.


Allowing your guests to create an atmosphere that seems like it is out of a storybook is crucial to the illusion of a fairy tale wedding, so incorporating that concept into the wedding favors is always a great idea. Your guests can use sparklers to write words or create a “sparkling tunnel” that will look like something out of a movie when captured on film. Many couples only dream of a demonstration that quite literally displays the fire burning in their hearts for one another, but sparklers can do that very task and make a great impression at the same time.

“Cinderella’s Shoe” Bottle Opener

Bottle openers are a classic wedding favor regardless of what type of wedding theme you are going after, but the shape and purpose make all the different. By giving your guests a bottle opener that is shaped like Cinderella’s shoe, you are giving then a gift that is both useful and will fit nicely into your fairy tale wedding theme. Plus, it is a gift that your guests will actually use on a regular basis rather than putting in a drawer to forget or to use at your wedding with only memories to look back upon.

“Back to the Future” Wedding Theme

DeLoreanRecently, the idea of having weddings that are themed after hit movies from the bride and groom’s teen years is becoming very popular. One of the most popular movies from the generation of couples who are at the age of marriage is “Back to the Future” starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. Coincidentally, this is actually are ally fun choice for a wedding theme because it is both highly recognizable and has a ton of great memorable characters and props to include into your ceremony. While it’s always up to the couple how they want to execute their wedding theme, here are some of the best examples that I’ve seen.

Biff Tannin as your Minister

“Make like a tree and get out of here.” We all remember the classic lines that Biff got wrong, as well as the classic manure truck scene. But if you are a true Back to the Future enthusiast, what could be better than being wed by a quality Biff look alike? Just picture yourself dressed up as Jen and your soon-to-be spouse dressed as Marty McFly while Biff says the lines. What could be better?

The “Enchantment Under the Sea”

We all remember how Marty’s parents met at the “Enchantment Under the Sea” and how his time travels almost messed everything up. The classic decorating scheme can serve as a great template for your reception hall to really bring the whole “Back to the Future” wedding theme full circle. You can even get a 50’s cover band to play Chuck Barry songs, and if groom is musical; he can play along on Johnny B. Goode.

Hover Boards

Okay, I know they aren’t real. But you could certainly find some old beat up skateboards and decorate them to look like the props from the movie. You could maybe hand them from fishing line from the ceiling to create the illusion, hand them out as wedding favors, or even mock one up for the “Marty” groom to stand on while saying his vows. No matter how you use them, the hover board was an iconic prop in the Back to the Future trilogy.

The DeLorean

While this may be out of the price range for many couples, there is simply no better way to bring your “Back to the Future” wedding theme together like having the DeLorean time machine there to make an appearance. The coolest thing I saw was a couple having there reception first, then hopping in the DeLorean to go “back in time” to the ceremony itself. Plus, what could be cooler after your celebration than hopping in the iconic vehicle and driving off towards your honeymoon? Priceless.

Laser Carved Glass Snowflake Tea Light Holders

Snowflake Tea Light HoldersWhen you are planning to have your wedding in the winter, it is only logical to expect it to be cold outside. While there are several things you can do in your reception hall to keep your guests warm including having fires in the fireplaces, using some large sparklers, or just cranking up the thermostat, giving your guests something to warm both their homes and hearts as a “thank you” for coming to celebrate is also very important. Tea light holders are the perfect wedding favor for this purpose, and what could be more appropriate in the winter than tea light holders that are laser carved with snowflakes to remind them of the occasion?

These lovely laser carved glass snowflake tea light holders make a great winter wedding favor and can really warm up your wedding reception and the hearts of your guests. Each holder is laser-etched with elegant and delicate snowflake patterns that are inspired by the individually unique snowflakes found in real life. Each one will glitter and glisten as the flickering tea lights illuminate them through the glass. Your wedding guests will love these as a favor, and the reviews you get from them are sure to be as warm as the candles themselves.


  • Color: Gray /Silver
  • Item Materials: Glass
  • Item Details: Each tea light holder is laser carved with snowflakes and reflective silver lining inside to warm up the winter. They are sold in packages of 4 tea light holders that are ready to be given as wedding favors.
  • Dimensions: 2 ¾ inches wide by 3 inches tall

Italian Wedding Decorations

Italian BreadsHaving an Italian-themed wedding can be a fun and cultural experience for your friends and family. Italian is known as the language of love, so having elements of the old world scattered throughout your wedding can make for an enchanting and timeless experience. In order to pull of the perfect Italian wedding theme, the most important aspect will be the decorations. Fortunately, because if the culture in Italy, most of the things that make people think of Italy are foods and wine. This means that while you are choosing certain foods for your wedding you can also make them part of your decorations and save yourself some money versus the need to buy both.


In Italian culture, Wine is the cornerstone to many of the classic memories and meals that make life there so great. Wine is also a very classy and fun way to add a special touch to your reception since most guests will enjoy a glass with their dinner. By choosing a selection of interesting looking Italian wines to scatter around the reception hall you can create the feel of being in a bistro while offering your guests a delicious beverage to enjoy with their pasta.

Breads and Baguettes

Breads and baguettes are another staple to Italian food and culture, which makes them a great choice to keep the Italian theme going at your reception. Italian breads can range from small rolls to large loafs and will take up quite a bit of room while also offering a wide range of appearances and flavors. Your guests will love the look and taste of all the varieties of Italian breads you offer them, and it can save you money on the main pasta courses because bread is very filling and inexpensive. To make it even better, you can offer an assortment of seasoned olive oils to dip the bread in; which is another Italian classic.

Candles and Flowers

Though candles and flowers are part of most wedding receptions, the style and colors of each are vital to the overall ambiance that creates a bistro feel. For the cables, you will want to choose old and rustic looking candle holders that have dark and rich colors to make everything feel darks and warm. Similarly, your flower vases should follow the same color schemes; but more important are the colors of your flowers. You want to avoid having bouquets that are too bright and happy looking because a sultry and complex look will give off the Italian wedding vibe much better. Avoid plain colors and try to choose in-between colors that blend neutrally with each other.

Decorations for a Beach Wedding

Ship PartsBeach weddings are a very popular style for young couples, and putting together the perfect assortment of decorations for the event are no less important than any other theme. Fortunately, beaches usually give a great deal of beauty already and require very little in the way of actual decorating. In fact, that is the number one reason most couples give when asked why they chose to have a beach wedding. However, even if it is modest additions and tweaks, preparing the location on the beach that will be the site of your ceremony to set it apart from the surrounding areas of the beach is important in making the ceremony fell like a more special event.


Seashells are a great choice for decorations because they will look like they are a natural part of the scenery. On top of that, you can usually get them for very cheap or even free if you organize a shell-gathering event in the days leading up to your wedding. Seashells enhance the natural beauty of any beach location, and you may even be able to hand them out as favors when the ceremony is over.

Beach Glass

Beach glass is another great way to add something that is natural to the already beautiful landscape of the beach. Usually blue in color, beach glass is different from regular glass because it is formed from underwater volcanic activity and is usually not sharp because the water has smoothed all the edges. This is important because you don’t want people accidentally getting cut.


Starfish are nearly synonymous with the ocean, and the very thought of them makes you picture a beach in your head. Though they are fairly rare to find on a beach in reality, scattering some of them about can make the area look like the beach most people fantasize about in their head. Like some of the other beach wedding decorations I mentioned above, starfish also make excellent keepsakes for your guests.

Ship Parts

Though it is more work and more expensive than most of the other decorations I have talked about, scattering some broken and rusty ship parts around they ceremony site can really give a cool nautical feel. Items like broken masts, large ship wheels, and even rusty pulleys can make your guests feel like there are sitting in the remains of a sunken ship. You can even have a treasure chest shaped gift box up front for your guests to place their wedding cards to complete the theme.

Interesting Wedding Decorations

Moustache MugWith such a large variety of people getting married with various preferences and tastes, having a selection of interesting wedding decorations has become a large market for purveyors of wedding decorations. While there are several classic items like bubbles and candy that continue to be vastly popular, a new generation of brides and grooms are craving much more unique and interesting wedding decorations to make their celebration their own. I have collected some of my favorite examples to share with you and hopefully make coming up with your own custom touch an easier task.

Fun Glassware

There is a large selection of fun glassware that can add a personal touch to your reception. There are literally hundreds of options ranging from Mason jar style mugs with moustaches for your male guests to champagne flutes with the couples’ names and wedding dated printed on them as a commemorative piece. Regardless of what type of fun glassware you choose to purchase, they also make a great wedding favors that your guests will cherish as a keepsake from your special day.

Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are a fun, though classic, way to add a far eastern touch to your wedding decorations. Most people who choose to use paper lanterns like to hang them from trees if they are outdoors or the ceiling if they are outdoors, but some people have anchored them to the ground with string and have them floating using helium filled balloons. Either way, you can add a fresh and colorful look to your wedding with just a handful of these inexpensive paper beauties.

Personalized Aisle Runner

Another classy way to spice up the look of your ceremony is to use an aisle runner. Essentially, it is a long rug that marks out the path the bride and groom will walk on their way to the altar. Though normally used for outdoor weddings to keep the bride’s dress off the grass, more and more couples are starting to use them inside to add a special touch to their decoration scheme. By choosing an aisle runner that is personalized with your names or wedding date, you can take that special touch to the next level and truly make your wedding decorations your own.